Tuesday, March 30, 2010

That Pesky Internal Editor Is At It Again

Several of you have emailed to ask how to silence that inner critic.

Here’s what I do. I talk to myself aloud (honest). “Be patient. Let me get on with this. When I finish, I’ll let you rip it apart.”

Although I’ve often had to repeat the words several times, I’ve discovered that I can calm my judgmental voice. And it’s fun to listen to that dark side of myself who revises and gleefully reminds me, “You wrote that poorly. I’ll show you how to do it right this time.”

* * * * *

Twila says, "Hmmmm, Cec talks to himself. That concerns me. Does anyone know a good doctor?"


  1. You brought a smile and chuckle on that one!


  2. Thanks for this tip. I guess I should do a lot more talking aloud to myself!


  3. I like this idea. I think I want to give mine an ugly name too....maybe some warts too.

  4. I've heard talking to oneself is only a problem if you answer yourself back. :D

    Cheers, Nancy J Locke

  5. I just found this and have forwarded your blog address to a friend. She has written a truly different and wonderful book and is scared to send it off due to that Internal Editor. I think God sent me to your site today to find that for her.


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