Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Editing Groups Work (Part 6 of 4)

Lisa asked me to show examples of how we edit a submission. You can do it several ways. If it's a face-to-face group, write on the paper itself. When you hand it back, it's easy for the writer to see what you've edited.

If it's online, I use different methods. I suggest the use of Comment boxes. (Two of the publishing houses I work with use only Comment boxes for their edits, so it's good to learn how to use them.)


  1. I appreciated the example with the arrows- a great help to me. Thank you for your advice, I always learn something and am the richer for it.

  2. Thank you Cec!! I am learning to use text boxes and edit with an online group. This series has been so valuable!!

  3. Thank you Cec! I am learning to accept the computer as my friend! *grin* The example you gave took the edge off the unknown. I appreciate you.


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