Friday, January 13, 2012

Common Problems (Part 22 of 50)

Watch your use of toward/towards and backward/backwards. With the "s" is British; American is without the "s." 
  • She limped towards her bedroom door.
  • I remember only one occasion when I showed anger towards a friend.
  • Count backwards from ten before you speak.
This isn't what I call a serious error, but it's one of those little things that serious, skilled writers try to avoid.
In the same way is the spelling of words such as gray. The Brits use grey and Americans write gray (unless it's a surname). Except in older poems and hymns, we don't read Saviour, although they still do in the UK.

Even small things are important 
if I want to become an excellent writer.

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  2. I deleted my previous post because I thought I had just discovered this blog (via Tamela Murray) on Twitter.

    I went to join the site and discovered I'm already a member. Ahem. I'm not getting any updates when you post.

    1. Deborah, did you subscribe via email? I couldn't find your name on the list. That might explain why you aren't getting updates. Cec's blogs appear every Tuesday and Friday.

  3. Thanks! I was just wondering this with backward(s). :-)

  4. My sister sent me your link, and this posting immediately points out something I've had to be aware of in my writing. I live in Canada and I think we're exposed a lot to both British and American versions of words. The important thing for me is deciding which version I want to use and use consistently. I look forward to reading your past posts and following your new ones.

  5. I appreciate Susan Drury pointing out that Canadians are caught between the British and American grammar and spelling. (Punctuation is another issue.)

    Having lived in Kenya (a former British colony) my sense is that the British-style readers tend to accept American writing, but it doesn’t seem to work the other way.

  6. I don't recall if I originally did or not, Twila, but I just sent it through.

    Thanks so much.


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