Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Writing Articles (Part 15 of 21)

Revise and polish your article.

Call it editing, revising, or polishing, it means you work on the article until it's the best you can do.

As I wrote earlier, I wrote 18 full drafts of my first article. After that, I revised each a few times. Perhaps 15 on the second article (I no longer remember). By then, I had gained knowledge on how to write. I continued working to improve.

I still write occasional articles and I go through the same steps, but I write fewer drafts. I rarely go beyond the third draft. Even on the third, it really is polishing and not editing.

Here are a few hints on polishing your work.

* Look for awkward or laborious sentences.

* Seek ways to cut unneeded words. Get rid of adjectives and adverbs that don't enhance the writing.

* Sharpen your focus (if needed).

* Look at the number of times you use the same word in your article. If you use a word 12 times, that's too many. Look at a thesaurus for synonyms (but don't use one unless you know what it means). 

My article is never good enough 
until it's good enough for me to say I can't improve it.


  1. Hi Cec,

    I just wanted to stop by and say how much I appreciate you sharing so much of your experience and expertise. I often read your blogs and always find new ways of improving my writing. Thank you for your devotion and sharing.

    Daniel L Carter
    Author of The G-6 Chronicles

  2. Cec, thank you for your wonderfully helpful informative articles! They're worth a fortune to me. You are so generous to share your expertise with us newbee writers. You give and give and give. Thank you for being such a blessings to others. All to His glory.


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