Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Write Tight (Part 6 of 7)

We are authorities. When our articles or books appear in print, we are the the know-it-person on that topic. Once we recognize that we are authorities, we tend to write tight. That's why we're published.

Therefore, we can write, knowing our words carry weight. Too often I see limp phrases such as I think, I feel, perhaps, probably, maybe, in my opinion, or even IMHO. If we're unsure about what we want to say, avoid such statements. We don't want to end up as looking ignorant or foolish.

At times, we need to express an opinion, but we do that to state a conclusion based on our expertise that we can't prove.

When my words appear in print,
readers consider me an authority.


  1. I love this series on writing tight. Thank you for "permission granted" to assert opinions without qualifying them. My insecurities are going into the paper shredder with this post. Bold is short, eh?

  2. I want to clarify: At times you may want to write words such as perhaps. When I do, it's a soft way for me to suggest to readers to think about my comments. I believe the material is true but in those instances, I want them to consider or to rethink their position.

  3. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing this. Hugs!!


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