Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Building Your Platform (Part 3 of 10)

"I don't have a college degree," one man said, "so I guess I don't have the credentials."


A degree (especially a graduate degree) can be impressive. But you need more than education to write on most topics. You can become an authority in other ways. A mother of nine grown children has likely learned a great deal about parenting—far more than some with doctoral degrees who write about the topic.

Work or emotional experience that produce insight are significant factors. I wrote A Walk Through the Dark: How My Husband's 90 Minutes in Heaven Deepened My Faith for a Lifetime for Eva Piper. The book is far more than her personal experience. There is an immense amount of helpful information for people who face dark periods. Before Don Piper's heaven-and-back-to-earth experience, Eva, even though well educated, depended heavily on her spouse. She had to learn to take charge of her life and also become Don's caregiver. Her experiences and her insight into those experiences are her credentials.

1. How do my experiences become credentials for building my platform?

2. What significant lessons in life have I learned that I can teach others?

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