Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Building Your Platform (Part 9 of 10)

"What are you doing right now to reach your target audience?"

You can answer that question in several ways. For instance, you can show that you're speaking on the topic to various organizations.

If you're not already a public speaker, get training. Toastmasters International is the most commonly mentioned group to help potential writers learn to speak in front of an audience.

Have you volunteered to speak at civic organizations, libraries, senior-citizens groups, and support groups? You probably won't receive money, but you'll gain invaluable experience. And you'll extend your influence.

Know your target and aim several topics around them. Once involved with them, you can also learn more about their common areas of interest. Don't overlook the fact that individuals in those groups can also become advocates for your book.

1. What am I doing to reach my target audience?

2. Do I need to get training so I can make oral presentations?

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  1. Thank you brother Cec. I post your writings on our closed Word Weaver Volusia County Group Facebook page so we all can glean from your wisdom.
    Peace and blessings to you and Twila:)


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