Friday, May 23, 2014

Why Do I Write (Part 2 of 3)

Panelists for TheWritersView post questions for three-day periods and members can answer. On my reason for writing I posted a second time. "I write because it is a gift.”

God endowed all of us with gifts—call them talents or abilities—and in varying qualities. Although I wanted to believe I had the gift, a long time lapsed before I admitted that truth—even to myself. Perhaps it was lack of self-confidence, but I felt I would be presumptuous in using the term.

As I wrote on the loop, I didn't want God to be blamed for my ineptitude. Like other newbies, my writing wasn't very good, even though it was the best I could do. I had published between 100 and 200 articles and four books before I said to anyone in conversation, "God gave me the gift to write."

That also means something more. With a given ability comes responsibility to improve and to continue to learn. God gave me the raw talent and it has been up to me to develop and nurture that.

Today I can say—easily—that I have a gift, but that's not to mean, "This is wonderful, so don't criticize it." For me, the statement means I have continued to develop, polish, and mature in my expressions. I'm still learning.

Are you gifted?

An affirmative answer doesn't indicate that you've sold millions of books or hit the best-seller lists. It states that one of the talents God gave you is to write. If you answer yes, then you have to ask God a question: How do I actualize my gift?

Am I gifted to write?

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