Friday, September 26, 2014

Historic or Historical (Confusing Words Part 6 of 12)

This is one of the places where I still pause to think which word to use. Historic refers to history-making or momentous. I now remind myself with this sentence: The historic meeting of Livingstone and Stanley made news across the world.

An historic event is always historical—that is, significant or history-making such as landing on the moon or the first time the American president visited Argentina. Historical means relating to the past, but the occurrence doesn't hold significance. The museum displayed historical clothing from the colonial period.

If I link historic and important together,
I'll probably get it right.

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  1. Thanks for distinguishing between the use of "historic" and "historical." That's new to me. Cec, why do we precede these words with "an," when they begin with a consonant?


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