Friday, November 28, 2014

Plagiarism and Other Legal Tangles (Part 11 of 11)

Poetry, music, and books in the public domain

Without explaining the reasons, take this as your guide for quoting from poetry or music. Never quote from them without permission. Here's an online source you can check.[1]

If you quote from the Bible, again, read the copyright page; however, most publishers are quite liberal in the number of verses you can use—providing you cite the translation. (It's free advertisement for the publisher.)

One other important fact is the public domain. If you cite anything, including poetry and music that was copyrighted before 1923, you're safe. Even so, I like to footnote it with "in the public domain." 


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  1. Thanks, Cec!This series has been relevant and informative. I learned a lot of practical tips. I appreciate you!


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