Friday, December 12, 2014

The Progressive Tense (Part 4 of 9)

I'm tired of seeing the progressive tense misused. The progressive tense indicates continuing (therefore progressive) action. It is going on now. To make the progressive form of the present tense, use a form of be and add -ing to the verb.

My rule is that if you can substitute in the process of and have the same meaning, you're probably correct.

* Diana is expecting to see him today.

* Ian is buying his Christmas gifts this week.

* Twila is walking three miles every day, while Shawn is running five miles a day.

* Nelda is getting married in three months. Wrong: There is no continuing action and she's not in the process of getting married. Correct: Nelda will marry (or get married) in three months.

When I use the progressive tense,
I refer to ongoing action.

* * * * *

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