Friday, October 2, 2015

"How Do You Find Time to Write?"

I've never found the time to write; I make time. It's a matter of individual priorities because all of us lead lives filled with dozens of daily tasks. In 1971, I decided I wanted to write, so I made the time by giving up a few activities I enjoyed.

For the first few months, I reached my office 30 minutes before my secretary arrived. Before long I arrived an hour earlier. Eventually it was two hours.

Here's something else that helped me. I was a pastor in Atlanta and regularly visited seven major hospitals. During the day while I drove from place to place, I edited inside my head. The next morning I sat at my desk and wrote all the things stored inside my brain. (They didn't come out exactly the same, but I had done a lot of playing with the material and had it mentally outlined.)

In 1983, a year before I began to write full time, I started taking off all day Friday to write. It was an adjustment to be home with no interruptions, but after a few weeks I realized I could adapt to such a life.

Here's my advice: If you keep trying to find time, it will be a constant frustration. If writing becomes your passion, you'll see it as more important than other activities and drop them. That's making time.

And one final word. If you absolutely can't find or make time to write, ask yourself this question: Am I supposed to be a published writer?

If I try to find time to write, it will always elude me;
I can make time to write.


  1. Thank you Cec, I am praying for you as you write and help others to write.

  2. Great post, Cec. After reading this post, I got out my calendar and marked blocks of time in my schedule to work on my book. I even dropped one of my part-time jobs to open up real estate in my schedule. Now it seems more realistic to complete the manuscript on my timeline.

  3. Thanks Lynn and Cherrilynn.
    You don't ever "find" time; you make it.


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