Friday, April 15, 2016

Questions from Readers

You’re committed to write your personal experiences, so here’s the most difficult part: How deeply can you penetrate your past? Can you write in such a way that readers feel your pain? Rejection? Abuse?

It’s not easy, and if you can dig deeply it still won’t be easy. Of all the books I’ve written, the two I’ve authored on my sexual and physical abuse were the most difficult.

I had to push below the surface and dig up those painful experiences, and it hurt to do that. As I said to my agent, “Some days I wished I were dead because I had to relive the pain.”

And you will relive the pain if you do it right. In my case, I often stopped writing and cried—a lot. Or I went for a walk. One evening I sat on my front porch for an hour, crying and reliving my pain.

Are you willing to probe that deeply? Most people won’t or can’t. If you still feel you need to write the book, hire someone to write the book or ask them to help you.

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