Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Questions from Readers

Shirley Dechaine and Stacy Curtis both asked about personal experiences.

In one sense, all writing is autobiographic. If you’re investing yourself in your writing, you unconsciously put yourself into it. We all do.

But should you write your life story?

At least once a week I receive queries from people who tell me they have a fascinating story, have lived an interesting life, or they’ve gone through so much trauma everyone tells them they need to write a book.

Remember that those who say “You ought to write a book” aren’t professionals in the field and may not be people who would buy your book. Take their words as a compliment that you have impressed them with what you’ve shared.

If you feel you want to write a personal experience book, I suggest you start with sample articles and try to market them. For example, I wanted to write about my childhood sexual abuse. To check out the market, I wrote two articles and sold both.

I also received enough feedback to tell me that I needed to write that book. It still took me six years to get a publisher to take a chance, but I didn’t stop believing in the need for such a book.

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