Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Reminders of the Obvious: What We Take for Granted

Don Otis is a well-known media publicist. This is an excerpt from his July 17 MediaWise newsletter and is posted here with his permission. See www.veritasincorporated.com for more info.

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Here are a few obvious things every interviewee ought to know, even if you have done hundreds of interviews. 
  • Be on time. A live interview at 3:00 pm means 3:00 pm, not 3:15.
  • Be prepared. Have your book or materials in front of you and be ready to roll when the interviewer calls, or when you are scheduled to call the studio. 
  • Be upbeat. Bring energy to the process. 
  • Be engaging. Interact. Don’t answer “yes” or “no” and leave it there. Elaborate. 
  • Be aware of the clock. If you hear bumper music, begin to wrap up your answers. Know when the interview is supposed to end. 
  • Be flexible. Change happens. No one likes it but it is part of the experience. If a late-breaking news story preempts you, accept a reschedule with grace. 
  • Be grateful. Thank the host or producer for having you on. 
  • Be willing to call the station or program if you do not hear from them at your scheduled interview time. 

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