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Blog Promotion Via Blogs (Part 1 of 2)

Blog Tours

(Kathy Carlton Willis)

What Are Blog Tours?
Blog tours work like commercials—like running the same ad on different stations to reach multiple audiences. They stimulate a desire for the book with the consumers you want to purchase the title.

Blog tours are like virtual-book tours. Each blogger has a distinctive realm of influence—a different readership. The combined effect of being on multiple blogs in the same week helps increase your search-engine rankings and exposure. Some post the book information you send them; others write reviews in addition to the tour material.

How Do Blog Tours Fit into an Author’s Overall Marketing Plan?
Blog tours develop a grassroots level exposure to the book, and create buzz because of the oldest PR method on the planet: word of mouth. Bloggers feature the book to readers the author couldn’t reach any other way.

What Is Included in a Kathy Carlton Willis Communications (KCWC) Blog Tour?
We send bloggers an eBlast that includes the information we want them to post on behalf of the author:
• Book summary and photo
• Author bio and photo
• Q & A style interview with the author, top 10 List, or other extra features to personalize the tour and make the authors more approachable to the readers.
• Details of any tour giveaways.

Creating Your Own Blog Tour:
1. Make a list of blogs and blog hosts to invite to participate in the blog tour.
2. Decide if there will be a giveaway. If so, in your blog tour invitation, list the details of the prize, along with a photo.
3. Create the blog tour content, and send it to the blog hosts along with the tour invitation.
4. To show your appreciation, mail a free book to each participating blog host.
5. Follow up with any blog tour hosts who need assistance in posting the blog tour so that it’s customized for each host. Make sure they share the blog tour link (URL address) to their social networking sites, to increase traffic.
6. Mention each blog tour link on your social networking sites, and your blog.
7. Interact with the bloggers’ readers on the day of the blog tour, and thank the host on the comments section of each blog.

-—Kathy Carlton Willis, Kathy Carlton Willis Communications, is an editor, publicist, certified CLASSeminars speaker and faculty member. She enjoys helping writers and speakers.

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  1. Kathy, thank you for addressing blog tours. When it comes to technology I feel like David and Goliath...but David won!!! Seriously, though, I am so intimidated by how much technology plays into publishing and marketing. Thank you for making your info simple and straight to the point. And thank you, Cec, for doing the same. I am trying to learn all that I can, but it can be overwhelming at times.


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