Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blog Promotion Via Blogs (Part 2 of 2)

Using Blogs as Part of Book Promotion

(Kathy Carlton Willis)

Blog Ideas to Increase Exposure
At Kathy Carlton Willis Communications, we work with more than 600 bloggers, many doubling as book reviewers. You can use some of the same tips we use at our communications firm when it comes to deciding which bloggers to contact for book promotional purposes.

In Blogs, at KCWC, We Look for/Ask for:
1. A following. Do they show a good number on their follower list?
2. Good interaction. Does the comments section show good reader/blogger interaction?
3. Activity. Are there new posts at least 4 times each month? We prefer 12 times per month.
4. Social networking. Do they plug the blog post links on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or to their mailing lists?
5. Diversity. Do they provide good content on their non-blog tour days, motivating their readers to visit frequently?
6. Personalization. Do they personalize blog tours to make them fit their readership? They might do that by writing a review or spotlighting an aspect of the book that makes it a good match for their blog niche.
7. Book Reviews. Besides their blog activity, are they willing to post a review at one of the online bookstores such as Amazon?
8. Quality Content. Do their views represent the same mindset you have? Look for well-written posts, well thought-out opinions, and wholesome conduct on their blogs.

We Help You Use Your Blog Connections for More than Blog Tours:
1. Reviews. Bloggers write reviews in exchange for free books.
2. Guest Blogger Article Content. Bloggers select from a variety of articles we provide for their sites. We provide reprint permission and make sure they also add a full bio, for promotional purposes.
3. News Releases. When a news release is relevant to our bloggers and their readers, we provide it in the form of article content. They can copy and paste the complete article to their sites, passing along our news.
4. Contests and Giveaways. With new regulations, these require special legal
 wording, but can be done.
5. Surveys. We’ll give bloggers a survey to participate in with their readers, using prize incentives to increase traffic. Blog readers vote on their favorites.
6. Current Content. We provide article content that fits with an “awareness day” or water-cooler topic.

Are you using blog content to its maximum potential? Brainstorm new ways to add content to your own blog, and to the blogs of others that will reach your target audience.

-—Kathy Carlton Willis, Kathy Carlton Willis Communications, is an editor, publicist, certified CLASSeminars speaker and faculty member. She enjoys helping writers and speakers.

KCWC BLOG: http://www.kcwcomm.blogspot.com
Kathy’s BLOG: http://imlivingoutloud.blogspot.com

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