Friday, March 25, 2011

How Editing Groups Work (Part 1 of 4)

Beyond what I've written in previous blogs, here are reasons for joining or starting an editing group.

1. It’s a humbling experience: Someone can always help improve our writing.

2. An editing group is one way for us to learn professionalism. Remember the principle: A group edits my work, it does not criticize me.

3. An editing group offers a sense of identity. We’re no longer alone in our desires and ambitions.

4. We associate with other people who can understand us and our dreams. An editing group can offer support and affirmation as we pursue our craft.

Join an editing group,
learn from others,
and prepare yourself to become an outstanding writer.

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  1. I belong to a very small group who edit and cheer each other on. We follow some of these guidelines, but I think are a bit more casual. This does tend to hold us back, I think. :). Thank you so much for this series and for sharing your wisdom. I am going to print these posts out and share them with my writer's group. You may have helped us improve our technique! I came over from one of the scholarship opportunities that you are sponsoring for the Shespeaks conference. I so want to thank you for your generosity. She Speaks is such a special place to learn. The P31 ladies are incredibly smart, grace-filled teachers. Thank you, sir!


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