Friday, June 10, 2011

Writer’s Block (Part 2 of 16)

Here are two important things I want to say about this condition.

1. Writer's block isn't laziness. It's not procrastination. In fact, I think of it as writer's resistance, which makes it an opportunity to take action.

2. Writer's block sometimes means we're striving for impossible or unrealistic goals. If we focus on our manuscripts not being good enough, that alone can prevent our moving forward.

We don't have to accept writer's block
as a terminal illness.


  1. Cec, all your advice is helpful and I greatly enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Love the idea that writer's block is an "opportunity" not an event (or lack of one)! How you as an author view & deal with that opportunity, then, is the telling point of how long it will last, how devastating it will be overall, & how it will turn out. As always, your advice is right on! SO glad to know it's not a terminal illness!!! Can't wait to read the rest in this series.


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