Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Writer’s Block (Part 5 of 16)

One of the most serious causes of writer's block is fear. And it comes to us in a myriad of forms. I want to point out a few of those forms I've observed.

Perhaps the most obvious is the fear that the writing isn't any good. We may not tell anyone and may defend our writing, but deep, deep inside, we sense our writing isn't good. The worse we feel our writing level, the more difficult it is for us to create words on the screen.

"If I writing something and people read it," my friend Rog Barnes once
said, "everyone will realize how bad I am."

"Or they might discover how good you are," I said, "and you are."

That happened in the late 1980s. To my knowledge, Rog has never published. He has surrendered to an irrational fear.

Serious writers face their fears.
Even if they think they're not good, they continue to write.


  1. Love this one, Cec. I am afraid to fail and I am afraid to succeed. But God is working on me and I am finding that I am not alone.

    Sweet blessings to you!

  2. Cec,
    Thank you for words of encouragement. Last night at our writers group meeting, we all were sharing our insecurities and fears. One of our members mentioned your post. What a blessing to all of us!!

    Thanks for all you do!!


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