Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Writer’s Block (Part 13 of 16)

How Do We Overcome Writer’s Block or Resistance?

The problem begins when we consider internal resistance as bad or evil. What if we saw it as a positive effect? What if we viewed our resistance to write as a gift from our inner self?

Here's how I say it: "The inability to write is a sign that our unconscious self is fighting with our conscious self." Sometimes we get excited about a project or a topic and want to write about it. And it's a good topic. It may not be for us or it may not be for us now, and we flounder and can't seem to push ourselves. Some resort to a lot of caffeine. I suspect that's why some famous writers became alcoholics.

Instead of fighting ourselves, what if we paused and listened to our inner voices? As a serious Christian I also pray for God to speak and help me see the positive reason for my inability to write. I haven't had much trouble because I've nearly always been aware of something inside me that tells me I don't want to do a project.

What would happen if we saw writer's resistance
as a positive sign to examine ourselves?


  1. Wow. What would happen? I imagine we'd hit the target more with writing what stirs in God's heart, and not waste so much time shooting arrows that go nowhere.

  2. Oh, how I needed this today! Thank you, Cec!

  3. Cec,
    How gripping. Yes I also needed this and thank you from our hearts for your faithfulness to care and share!!

  4. I usually take it as a sign I need to push the chair away from the desk and do something I've been neglecting. Like other people, perhaps? Amazing how inspiring they can be when I get out of my hermit mode.

  5. I am inspired when I drive through beautiful countryside. Just something I've noticed about myself. The Creator then gives me creativity. I think you're right. We connect with prayer, and when I see the mountains, the trees, the streams, something new is birthed inside me every time.

  6. Wow! Wow! Wow! Your words have left "footprints" in this writer's soul. Your last paragraph was like flipping a light switch and gave me a "light bulb" moment. Thank you, Cec.


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