Friday, July 29, 2011

Writer’s Block (Part 16 of 16)

Final Thoughts on Writer's Resistance

We ask what's going on inside us. We listen. And we listen patiently and lovingly. If we accept that the resistance is a gift—a loving gift from our protective, wiser self, we won't demand an answer or berate ourselves for not getting it immediately.

If the ability to write well is a gift (and I believe that), it means the talent isn't ours to manipulate or misuse. I believe God gave me the ability to write. If I falter or discover I can’t figure out the next words to type, I stop. I talk calmly to myself and explore what's going on inside me.

I'm grateful to God for the gift to communicate through writing.
I listen carefully to my inner self when the gift falters.


  1. Thank you for this series.

  2. Okay that was me above, just wanted to check that I could post a comment before writing my heartfelt thanks. For the past three months I have been completely blocked in my writing. I don't mean afraid to start or stuck in the middle or can't solve some story/character arc problem. I mean stuck. I mean dead inside when it comes to writing. Because of a few very painful situations recently something inside has indeed died. that precious, intimate place where the writing came from was barren. I too believe that good writing is a gift and as such I felt a failure to God that I was not using mine. After reading all 16 of your posts on the topic I am beginning to accept that the writing will return when it is ready, when it is safe, when it is time. And possibly when I have had a chance to deal with the issues behind the death of my writing.
    I simply wanted to say thank you. It was a thoughtful series that reminded me to be gentle with myself. All things in God's timing.
    Tabitha Bird (

  3. Yes! Getting to the root of what is going on within you works! Also I like to say a prayer, asking God if He is trying to direct my gift (after all he did give it to me). I may be locked into my stubborn world, trying to stick to my own brilliant ideas. Sometimes, I think the resistance comes from resisting Him.

  4. Perhaps only Christians consider writing a gift from God, but I certainly do. A pastor I knew once said we undervalue God's gifts to us because our personal gift seems so "easy" it's hardly worth mentioning. He said we consider what's hard to be more an act of service or worship than that which comes easily.

    I think he may be right.


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