Friday, February 3, 2012

Common Problems (Part 28 of 50)

Avoid meaningless words such as some, really, very, just, managed to, and at all. They're not wrong, but they add nothing. What's the difference between he was dead and he was very dead? She drank some coffee or she drank coffee?

* Today’s news, though, called for some serious grime-fighting: scouring baseboards. [You can usually delete some without hurting your sentence.]

* She’d managed to arrive at the law office before anyone… [She arrived…]

* The tension in his jaw began to cause a noticeable ache, but he ignored it. [The tension caused his jaw to ache.]

* Jessica was really nervous about mentioning Jesus to Amanda, and she didn’t really even know why.

* My world had very abruptly come to an end.

* Both of my sons were just waiting for the phone call.

* He wasn't dead at all.

* They stopped for some fast food. 

I write concisely; 
I delete words that add no value to a sentence.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and expertise!
    You are a treasure!


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