Friday, May 18, 2012

Capitalization Rules for Writers (Part 7 of 8)

(Kathy Ide wrote this eight-part series.)

Small Caps
Earlier editions of the industry-standard guidelines suggested using small caps in certain instances, but the latest editions recommend not using them at all.

A.M. and P.M.
Instead of small-capped a.m. and p.m., use lowercase with periods (a.m. and p.m.).

B.C. and A.D.
Instead of small caps with periods (B.C. and A.D.), use full caps without periods (BC and AD).

NOTE: AD is placed before the date; BC after. Examples:
* 3000 BC
* AD 62

Abbreviations for Scripture Translations
Instead of using small caps for abbreviations of Scripture translations (KJV, NASB, etc.), use full caps (NIV, NKJV).

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  1. Cec,
    Thanks immensely to You and Kathy for sharing these invaluable rules on Capitalization. We've printed them for future reference. Mega gratitude from us both! B & J


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