Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Writing Articles (Part 1 of 21)

Is it necessary to write articles first?

I won't say you can't get a book published without going the article route; I would say that writing articles makes it easier when you're ready to sell your book.

Here are the advantages:

* You prove that you can start and complete a writing project.

* You prove that you have publishing experience.

* Articles help you gain credibility in the marketplace.

* You can show that you have the skills for a magazine piece.

* You show you can write a specific length to fit the magazines.

* You can handle editing by a professional and rewrite if requested.

* You gain writing credentials.

* Your publishing credits show that you have begun to establish name recognition.

If your book is nonfiction, you could write the chapters and sell them as articles. (Sell only first or one-time rights.) You'll reshape them some for a book later, but the bulk of the research and writing will be done.

I don't have to write articles first, 
but it's an excellent way to break into publishing.


  1. I'm **so grateful** I wrote articles before writing my pre-published novel. Books are long, lonely endless hours of work with the reward far off in the distance.

    So often I've thought of your quote to those who don't realize all the work in writing a book. "You don't want to write a book. You want to have written a book." So true!

  2. I'm excited about your writing articles series. Terrific timing from my view.

  3. Exactly how I got started. And the good thing is, it can create a little income fairly quickly. It usually takes much longer to see money from writing a book.

  4. Thanks for encouraging me on this leg of a beginner's journey. I've gotten several articles published in a variety of periodicals this last year. At times, though, I struggle with the nominal immediate payoff for the time invested in submitting them. But this post cheers me on to stick with it. It sounds like the long-term rewards are worth it.

  5. I am so excited for this series! Thank you for so faithfully sharing your writing wisdom through this blog! It is a blessing!

  6. If you are writing fiction, I feel contributing to the nonfiction field negates some of the positives of doing this. However, I understand your point & am certainly not the expert here, you are! I appreciate your taking the time to share all this advice, will look forward to reading the rest of these posts to get a full overview of this.


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