Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Writing Articles (Part 3 of 21)

"I'm a fiction writer. I don't do articles."

That may be your problem. If you want to work on short stories, that may be the way to learn the craft, but the market is limited.

Why not start with articles? Even novelists need to know how to construct a chapter—that is, the serious writers realize they need to do more than just write anything that flows through their minds.

Part of learning the craft of writing is to learn the basics. My wife's cardiologist didn't start with his specialty. He studied all the required courses for being an MD. After that, he moved into cardiology.

I want to learn to write.
I'm serious enough to start with the foundational principles.


  1. Cec,
    I love the way you cut right to the heart of the matter.

  2. I appreciate your frankness and will encourage the writers in my writers group to read this series. Thank you for your down to earth communication.


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