Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Writing Articles (Part 5 of 21)

How do I write a good article?

Start with passion. Find a topic that excites you. Let's try something simple. Suppose you want readers to manage their time better. Thousands of articles and books have come out on the topic during the past 30 years, so you want to say something that's different.

What unique insight do you have? You could write a personal-experience article on your winning over procrastination and gaining control. You could write a how-to article (which is the most commonly written type). Go back to passion. What grabs you about the topic?

How about starting with something like the Myers-Briggs Personality Types Inventory? It says that you have a preference for meeting deadlines (a J in their inventory) or you're a P and you don't get close to meeting deadlines without pressure.

Is the passion stirring? Do the ideas flow? Stay with the manuscript. Ponder the concept. If the J personalities don't need the time-management tips, what do you have to offer the P personalities without inducing guilt?

As you ponder the idea you will do research. What have others said on the topic? At least Google the topic of time management and that can help you learn what's been written on the topic.

If I can write an article infused with passion, I know there is an audience for my ideas.

I begin an article with a passionate concept. 
That's the best place to start.

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  1. I am so excited to find your blog - and that it pertains to the craft of writing! I heard you interviewed on Janet Parshall's program. I have since bought your book on writing and I've become a devotee to your blog. I'm all ears - fuel for the pen.
    Thank you!


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