Friday, August 17, 2012

Writing Articles (Part 12 of 21)

Ignore the manuscript for a time.

Many writers feel exhilarated or relieved when they write the final word and want to get it to the editor or agent. Resist that urge. Look at it again critically. Does this sentence make sense? Did I explain it thoroughly? Did I over-explain?

After I close the file on a manuscript and leave it a few days, perhaps as long as a month, I've always improved it. I use the absolute always because I mean without exception.

When I return to the material, I read it with new insight because the material has been churning in my unconscious mind. (I intentionally put the previous sentence in the passive voice. I could have written: My unconscious mind churned the material, but the emphasis was on the action (churning) and not on the actor (my mind). This is an extra tip.

I write to get the story written; 
I rewrite to improve the quality.

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  1. Stepping away for a bit is crucial. Further, the rewrites may number three or four before I declare it finished and ready to submit. I have to pry myself away from it. I can finally release it when I have another story or two or five waiting in the wings.

    Write on!
    Because of Christ,


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