Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Writing Articles (Part 21 of 21)

One more thing I need to do.

Good writers are never satisfied with their writing. They know they can improve even though they're not sure how. So they continue learning and reading about writing.

Each morning I spend about ten minutes online reading blogs for writers, trying to glean insight. Many of them are helpful. The more I grow as a writer, the more aware I become of good writing and weak writing.

I also read widely—far, far outside the fields in which I write. I promised myself and God that I would never stop learning. In that commitment I promised that I would read at least one book a week. (I'm about 10 years ahead of my proposed number.)

I want to be known as a growing writer. 
I can be known that way if I remain a learner. 
I promise myself not to stop learning.


  1. "I want to be known as a growing writer.
    I can be known that way if I remain a learner.
    I promise myself not to stop learning."

    Good words to live my writing life by. Thanks, Cec.

  2. I read each of your posts. They are short enough to read immediately as I check email. Sometimes I go back and read them again on another day. It is always worth my time. I trust your advice.

    Thank you for your willingness to share what you’ve learned. I hope you have plans to pull these posts together into book format. I’d love to have the information available as a resource book. I’m sure many writers would agree.
    Thank you, Cec.

  3. For this series, I've received an immense number of responses--and I'm thankful to each of you for the effort you expended to write.

    I've been heavily involved with my virtual assistant, Twila Belk, in finishing up a book for early 2013 release. It's taken us about three months longer than I had anticipated. We're almost finished.

    One question sent was whether these blog entries would appear in book form. Yes (so I can get Twila to stop nagging) and it will probably go into print the first part of 2013. (We'll notify you.)

    Today someone asked what blogs I read on writing. I skim a number of them, but haven't found one I particularly like. I own perhaps 200 books on writing. A couple of months ago I bought two books by Mignon Fogarty. She writes brief entries, so I carry her book with me on my trips to read in those odd moments.

    But the truth is that I've been writing full time since 1984, and I've learned many, many lessons (and I'm still learning). I'm at the stage where I need reminders more than new information.


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