Friday, October 26, 2012

Use of the Period

(This post comes from Susan Titus Osborn.)

A period marks the end of a sentence, followed by one space. (In typewriter days, we left two.) Sometimes we use a period at the end of an incomplete sentence.

* Completed sentence: The storm was almost upon us, so we needed to take shelter.

* Incomplete: Under a tree perhaps.

When an entire sentence is enclosed in parentheses or brackets, the period belongs inside the closing parenthesis or bracket. When a clause or a complete sentence is enclosed within another sentence, the period belongs outside.

* Sharon rewrote her manuscript over and over. (She never tired of editing.)

* She said she would never speak to him again [referring to her former boss].

No period follows chapter titles, subheadings, column headings in tables, dates, signatures, or addresses.

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