Tuesday, November 13, 2012


(This post comes from Susan Titus Osborn.)

Hyphens and dashes all have specific uses. They cannot be used interchangeably.

The hyphen separates compound words, either a compound noun or a compound adjective modifying a noun. If there is more than one phrasal adjective modifying a single noun, hyphenation becomes especially important.

* fuzzy-wuzzy bear, video-game-magazine dispute, state-inspected assistant-living facility, twenty-four hours, twenty-four-hour clock

The hyphen also separates numbers that are not inclusive, such as telephone numbers, Social Security numbers and ISBN numbers.

* Her telephone number is 501-324-7611.

Another use for the hyphen is to separate letters when the word is spelled out.

* Her name is Alayna, spelled a-l-a-y-n-a.

In URLs careful distinction needs to be made between a hyphen (-) a tilde (~), and an underline (_) .



If you want people to find your website or your e-mail address easily, don't use any of those three.

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