Friday, March 1, 2013

Watch Those Transitions (Part 4 of 9)

Not having bridge words between thoughts—usually between paragraphs—is a weakness of many writers.

I became aware of that weakness years ago when a major publisher hired me to go through a manuscript they had bought and they wanted me to write transitions. (I made an easy shift between the two paragraphs above by starting with an awareness of that weakness, which repeats the final words.)

That book (another transition), had extremely good content, but the author jumped from thought to thought. The publisher paid me well and I learned from the experience.

I didn't want readers to scratch their heads and ask, "How did he get there?" (Did you notice my lack of a smooth shift from my experience to people asking?)

I could have started the second paragraph this way: Not only did they pay me money but they made me sensitive to changing thoughts. I didn't want readers . . .

If I'm aware of connecting one thought with the next, 
transitions won't trouble me.

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