Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Watch Those Transitions (Part 7 of 9)

Let's try a few more ideas on how to switch easily from one thought to another without jarring your readers.

5. Compare and Contrast. But is the most common word. Too often writers use but when they mean and (and vice versa). Think of but as the prelude to contradicting or questioning your previous statement. That's not literally the case, but many students have found that idea helpful. Besides but, you might use similarly, just as, likewise, equally, despite, otherwise, although that's true, still, yet, in spite of.

6. Restrictions or qualifying statements. Even though, even if, although, not unless, occasionally, rarely, only.

7. Spatial order. Such words are easy to slip in and push your next thought forward: above, around, behind, in front of, beneath, below, adjacent, alongside.

The more I think about good transitions, 
the more skilled I become in writing them.

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