Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What Kind of Autobiography or Memoir Sells?

The following words may sound harsh, but they're a fact of publishing reality. Unless you're already famous, who cares? You don't have a saleable book unless you've done notoriously evil deeds, such as you were a con artist who stole millions from unsophisticated investors, decided it was wrong, returned the money, and now you work with federal agencies to catch other thieves.

Your friends may urge you to write. If you speak, your audience may tell you the same thing. But they're not publishers; they don't know what sells.

Ordinary people do make great stories, such as Don Piper, but he did extraordinary things. With the proliferation of social media and the Internet, we can read hundreds of poignant, one-time-event stories.

Autobiographies and memoirs can be about ordinary people 
if they do out-of-the-ordinary things.

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