Friday, June 21, 2013

Why Do People Need a Ghostwriter/Collaborator? (Part 2 of 3)

4. Another reason people hire collaborates is vanity. A mystique surrounds our profession. "He's written a book!" they exclaim with amazement and perhaps envy.

I've also discovered that those individuals usually don't want to tell the downside of their lives. They seem to have a compulsive need to emphasize only their triumphs and achievements. We refer to such projects as puff books.

I wrote one such book many years ago—not aware it would be a puff book when the publishing house hired me. The author never made bad decisions, although other people did. Friends betrayed him and associates lied, but he maintained his integrity.

I finally called the editor and she told me that it was a vanity project and assumed I knew it. (I was glad that happened in the days before my name was put on the cover.)

Shortly after that project, I turned down one man, who was willing to pay me well. "I want to have a book," he said, "because I want to be somebody."

He couldn't seem to grasp that he was already somebody. To hold up a published book wouldn't change him inside. (He finally hired someone else and had the book self-published. He still wants to be somebody.)

Even though I can earn money writing for others,
I turn down the people for whom I don't want to write.

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  1. Thanks Cec. When I started the writing journey 15 years ago, I lack the confidence. I was not able to hire a ghostwriter so I was stuck for toiling and dreaming. Then, I self-published the first book in 2012. You critiqued the raw manuscript during the 2007 writers' conference in Wheaton, IL. Thank you for the encouragement during lunch. My second book is ready for Ebook publication in October 2013. I must agree with your strong words, "If people do not have time sit down and write, they have no business being called author." (quote paraphrased)
    Honolulu, HI


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