Friday, July 5, 2013

What Is the Downside of Ghostwriting/Collaborating? (Part 3 of 4)

Another negative factor is that celebrities can be extremely demanding. And worse, they seem unaware of their behavior.

Here's one illustration. I had contracted with a publisher to ghostwrite a book on marriage. For almost a month after I signed the contract, I heard nothing. One day, I answered the phone and Big-name Celebrity said, "There is a Delta flight leaving Atlanta in three hours. I'll have someone meet your plane." He never asked about my availability. He expected my compliance.

After I arrived, he worked with me for perhaps an hour and left me to attend a business meeting. That went on for four days. I had a total of about five hours of taped interview time with him.

I decided to return to Atlanta the fifth day. "But I have a free hour tomorrow evening," he said.

He expected me to stay over for twenty-four hours to get one hour of his time. I tried to be diplomatic but firm and I went home. He couldn't understand why I would turn down the opportunity for one more hour with him.

Many celebrities have their small group of friends and those who work for them and shield them. They're used to giving commands and expecting compliance. They seem unable to change when dealing with others outside their intimate circle.

That's a serious downside.

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  1. Fascinating anecdote, and I can see how upsetting and professionally frustrating it would be. I think in some way ghostwriters are viewed sort of like a PR flack who doesn't get out much (LOL). Celebrities truly do live in an alternate reality and I'm actually thankful I'm not one.


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