Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How Do You Define Success? (Part 3 of 3)

If you read the two previous blog entries, you could scoff, "You've made it, so you can talk that way."

Yes, I am a successful author, and I've now made a living from it for thirty years. But that's still not how I define success. To people like my unnamed friend, success shows itself in the external world—accomplishing certain things.

I know several authors who earn a living—and some gross far more than I ever will—but they're no more contented than I am. And some lead miserable lives, constantly trying to bump their sales record or hit the New York Times' best-seller list with each project.

I'd like to sell more books and bring in more money. I see nothing wrong with that. But for me, the sales figures are byproducts of a healthy relationship with myself and my Creator. My contentment rests on my firmly held faith that God is ultimately in control and my role is to be content wherever I find myself.

I'm contented, but not lazy. I still work as hard at the craft as I always have, but my emotions aren't fixed to the results.


  1. I am so grateful for you and your ministry to writers. I post a lot of your blogs to our Word Weavers Volusia County closed FB page and we have been using your books at our meetings for devotional teaching. I believe a big part of your success is because you have such a giving heart. May the Lord bless your day!

  2. Cec,In my eyes, you are one of the top Christian authors. You have deposited more in Christian writers and ministry than any other author I know. You've given countless scholarships to train writers, traveled around the world helping train writers in countries that could never afford you, and have continually shared your wealth of knowledge without asking anything in return. No doubt that you are going to get a "Well Done Good and faithful servant" one day. You were one of the first writers who helped me in 1995 and I've passed that help on to hundreds of other authors because of the investment you made in me. Know that you are loved, appreciated, and prayed for! Hugs, LeAnn Weiss (now LeAnn Weiss-Rupard).

  3. Donna and LeAnn, I'm humbled (and grateful) for your comments. Thank you.

  4. A breath of fresh air! Thanks for the comments. It really is about Him and not us. Therein lies success! Thanks for pointing this little indie author in the right direction! Oh, and I hope you come by Chicago sometimes!

  5. Kathi sent this email and I thought I'd share it here:

    Dear Cec,

    Just wanted you to know that I continue to be blessed by your Writer-to-Writer Blog postings! Thank you for your example and perseverance in doing well.

    Also, just FYI, I posted on your book, Stolen, this morning. It was a shocking story. I hope many others read it and take the message to heart.



  6. I love this series on success. It is truly a God-centered view on success. All we can do is our best for Him and if we have we are a success. I have not ever published my own book, but I still feel successful as a writing because I am always writing and improving my craft. I do get a few articles and have been in anthologies but I still one day know I will have books published, therefore, I keep writing them.


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