Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Being Interviewed (Part 10 of 12)

Here are a few miscellaneous tips.

1. Don't use a cell phone for your interview. Some stations won't talk to you on a cell because they are sometimes disrupted (and that will change as technology improves).

2. Be clear whether you call or the host calls you. If you're the caller, dial in a couple of minutes early.

3. Before your interview, review the major sections of your book. You might keep a sheet in front of you with specific points and phrases you want to work into the conversation.

4. Remove distractions. Turn off your computer. Don't have papers on your desk that you'll be tempted to read during commercials. Stay focused on the interview.

5. Occasionally the host will give the impression you are live in the studio, and will say something like, "Here with us today is . . . "Don't say anything to give a different impression by commenting on the time difference or referring about the weather "out there."

6. Don't say anything about the time or date. Many interviewers repeat their programs and you don't want to date yourself. I did a TV interview almost three years ago on a local station. A couple of weeks ago, my neighbor stopped me and told me how much the interview meant to him. Only after he talked about the content was I able to know which one.

"That was a rerun," I said. "I'm glad they showed it when you were able to watch it."

7. Make sure you have the host's name. Sometimes I've had an interview set up and a substitute comes on the line. When that happens, hosts will generally start the program giving their names. Unless you're sure, don't call the person by name.

8. When the host closes the interview, thank the person for having you on the program.

9. When the interview is over, hang up. Unless the host asks you to stay on the line, it's over. No matter how friendly the host, that person isn't asking you to become a friend.

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