Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Being Interviewed (Part 8 of 12)

Here are more suggestions on writing interview questions for hosts.

1. Prepare yourself to have hosts sidetrack you with questions not on your list. Even if they start with your questions, they may segue into other areas—often peripheral—and issues you're not interested in answering.

2. When hosts ask questions you consider off topic, here's an easy way to handle that. "You know, that's an interesting question, but first let me say . . ." You go back to your topic you've been discussing. I've done that many times and not once has the host ever returned to the offbeat question.

3. Remind yourself that the hosts are not trying to sell your book. They want to entertain and educate their listeners. They interview you because you have things to say. You sell yourself and that, in turn, sells books (we hope).

4. I want to repeat: You are selling yourself not your product. If you focus on being genuine, readers will feel they know you and want to read your books.

You're not on the program to make a sales pitch. Don't be the type of guest who frequently responds with, "In chapter 19 I answer that question." Even if you go on to reply, the words come across as a blatant ad. Instead, just give the answer. They'll assume it's from your book.

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