Friday, July 24, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions from Interviewers (Part 15 of 21)

You've mentored hundreds of writers. Why has mentoring writers been such a priority for you?

First, I'm not sure hundreds is accurate—it seems like an exaggeration. But it is a priority for me.

Second, it's part of my passion. When I was still a novice and written perhaps 100 articles, I knew several well-known writers and asked them for help—nothing big, just answers to a few simple questions. Not one of them responded.

That's when I promised God I'd never stop learning and I'd do whatever I could to help other writers. Today they call that mentoring, but I'm more comfortable with the old-fashioned terms, helping and encouraging.

Third, publishing is more difficult now than it's ever been since I've been in the business. Newer writers need all the help they can get. As much as I can, I try to help those on their way up.

Fourth, I love to spot talent. It's usually not developed, but when it's there it makes me want to show them how to polish and turn themselves into first-class authors.

A couple of people I've worked with have done that, and truthfully, they're better than I am. And I can smile because I know (and so does God) that I've done whatever I could to help them.


  1. Cec, I'm very grateful that you offer help to those of us starting out. I taught a workshop at an Oregon Christian Writers conference in February. I told them your blog is the best in the world - it has the best, practical, packed-with-facts content and is easy to read. I appreciate you. Your blog posts have been the #1 input that has improved my writing. Every time I read your suggestions, I put them into use right away. I hope others are doing the same. You rock!

  2. Hey, Lynn, I couldn't have paid for a nice comment. Thank you. I'm trying to pass on what I've learned through the last four centuries as a professional writer.


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