Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions from Interviewers (Part 20 of 22)

What is the best and the worst advice you've ever gotten about the publishing industry?

The best advice came from a professional after I had published a few articles. I struggled with being transparent, and she said, "If you're going to be a professional writer, you must be willing to walk down the street naked." She said that in 1973.

I'm still learning.

The worst advice came from an editor: "Don't write biographies or memoirs. They don't sell." (I've made my living for 32 years by writing books for others, especially autobiographies.) Instead, I urge writers to follow their hearts.

It took me six years to get a publisher to accept When a Man You Love Was Abused. I persisted and God honored that persistence. So write what you're passionate about. Even if you don't publish it, you will be true to yourself.

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