Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions from Interviewers (Part 22 of 22)

How do you deal with the issue of pride that might come up when people brag about your writing or your books?

I don't think much about pride. Perhaps this will explain. When I began to ghostwrite in 1981, publishers and "authors" never acknowledged ghostwriters' existence. Could I write and not care who received the credit? That was the issue I had to resolve.

Once I was able to grasp that my writing ability is a gift from God, I went through a ten-year period when I only ghosted for others and I enjoyed the anonymity.

Even though my name now appears on the ghostwritten books and on my own books, it's no big deal for me. I'm doing what I can do well and God has honored my commitment. I love what I do and when I stop loving it, I'll stop writing.

Where's the place for pride in that?

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  1. Cec, you're the most gifted, yet humble, man I've ever met. You teach me through example how to ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name.How kind of you to give so freely of your time, knowledge, and gifting, especially to us writers. I am forever a classroom to your kindness.


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