Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Finding and Writing with My Voice (Part 5 of 7)

Until you are able to accept your voice as legitimate and adequate, you'll continue to cheat yourself and attempt to sound like someone else. Finding your voice means writing from your soul—from deep within. It means facing your imperfections and uncertainties.

The challenge becomes more difficult because not only do you need to discover your voice, but to value it. When you find your voice, you can seek to expand your potential as a writer and tap into the deep place within yourself where both pain and passion dwell.

Both pain and passion.

That's not easy or natural—it comes from facing your fears and struggling to know who you are and what you feel. You need to become intimate with your inner critic and accept that it does have things to tell you—but it’s not everything.

Face your inner critic and don't run from it, and it may lead you to honor your inner voice.

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  1. Your posts have helped me as I write my first book. You have inspired me not to be afraid to be real. Thank you


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