Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Finding and Writing with My Voice (Part 7 of 7)

Your voice has both an inner and an outer dimension. The outer is your style or your way of writing.

The inner dimension is the message giver, the nudger, or the guide that you experience as critic, friend, or God. You need to learn to listen to your inner voice and decipher its message—positive and negative. Then you learn to respond in ways that enhance your writing.

Finding and honoring your voice is really about self-acceptance and self-love. When you’ve learned to honor your voice, you appreciate voices that are different, and respect the unique range of voices. You'll never write like your favorite authors—but then, they'll never write like you.

Here's something written by my friend Jeff Adams, and it captures the idea beautifully.

In the movie, Hook, a grown-up Peter Pan has forgotten how to fly. The lost boys, led by Ruffio, question whether or not this man is their hero. One little boy isn't so quick to disbelieve. Robin Williams's face contorts like silly putty in the boy's hands. He peers into Robin's eyes in search of a glimpse of their former leader. In wonder, the boy exclaims, "Oh there you are, Peter."

Jeff Adams concludes with these words: Peter forgot who he was. It's easy for the rules to suffocate our voices. We must continue to learn, to practice the craft, and hone our skills. But we must not forget who we are. If we do, our voices will become cold and analytical. We will forget how our words should soar.

My words can soar if I heed my own voice
and ignore the others.


  1. I am finding my voice after reading your posts. I am the only me there is. God wants me to write like me not someone else.

  2. Thank you for this great series, Cec! When I teach Oregon Christian Writer workshops, I recommend the my favorite blog: yours. As soon as I read your tips, I use them right away. My writing has improved a lot. My voice has been coming through more clearly & easily this year. It seems like experience is the best teacher, eh?


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