Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Self-care for Writers (Part 2 of 11)

Reward yourself. 

For a long time I rushed from project to project, but I didn’t make provision for rest time. Once I became aware of that, I decided that whenever I finished a place worthy of self-reward I’d honor my efforts. It could be at the end of a difficult chapter, completing the book’s outline, or finishing the first draft.

My rewards are simple, such as taking two hours to watch a film on TV. Going for a long walk through the woods. Calling a friend and saying, “Let me take you to lunch.”

One writer gets a massage after he completes every 50 pages. My wife was an editor and whenever she finished a difficult manuscript, she took a long, hot soak in the tub.

Building in those small compensations can keep us fresh. Schedules are important and we all have responsibilities, but once in a while we should do something that breaks our routine.

It can be as simple as driving the longer way to get to our destination or spending an extra couple of hours reading. It doesn’t take much to divert ourselves—and it pays off if we do it intentionally and for our own good.

As a serious writer 
I discover ways to reward myself.


  1. I agree Cec. Self care is so important. When I forget to take care of me, my clients and my health suffers. Thank you for this reminder. :-)

  2. Yes, Thank you for the reminder to rest and reward.


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