Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Self-care for Writers (Part 4 of 11)

Watch your eating habits. That’s not easy for most of us. Not only are we bombarded with ads for food—especially desserts and junk food—but our social lives center on food.

Food appears at most social and business functions. Whenever a colleague or friend wants to meet, why is it always for lunch or dinner?

Statistics say 34.9 percent of Americans (78.6 million) are obese and that results in heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Such ailments come primarily from overindulgence and consuming junk food.

If you seriously care about your body and extending your productivity, you need ways to control your eating. It may not be easy, but it’s worth the effort. And all healthy-and-lasting good weight-loss programs involve exercise (see my previous blog).

My first suggestion—and this is what worked for me—is to reeducate your taste buds. I never considered a meal complete without meat and dessert. Slowly I moved away from both. I found ways to eat healthier and learned to like food that was good for me.

I added vegetables to my meals and raw salads. I never gave up anything, but because I learned to like rutabaga, spinach, and any kind of beans, my choices changed. I now weigh a couple of pounds less than I did when I was 21 years old. But more than the weight, I’m healthy. And I enjoy my life.

I’ll give you one example. We lived in Africa for six years, and I missed ice cream more than any other food. As I learned to experience a healthier way to live, I gradually cut down because I ate more nutritious meals. It’s now been at least four years since I’ve bought that dessert.

I’m opposed to diets because they don’t work, at least not very long. Worse, they’re based on deprivation—you have to give up foods. And being human, the tendency is to want what you can’t have.

I change my eating habits
by educating my taste buds.


  1. Good advice again. Take up, not give up. As you eat healthier foods you lose taste for the less healthy ones. But an occasional ice cream cone is OK. No sense of deprivation. Now, go have an ice cream cone- just one.

  2. Great post, Cec. I don't like the word "diet" either. It contains the word "die" Healthy eating along with exercise is the best way to live. I do love ice cream. I eat it once a month as a treat.

  3. Yes, crowding out the bad eating habits with good eating habits does work! Our flesh is more easily led than we think. Over time, it wants what we consistently give it!


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