Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Writing-related Questions

A note from Twila (Cec's assistant):

The year is coming to an end and we're thinking about topics for future blog posts.

Do you have writing-related questions that you'd like us to address in the days ahead?


  1. Merry Christmas Twila. Some topics
    Scheduling time to write
    More on Dancing with Dialog
    Difference in writing in first, second, third person

  2. Ways to write personal stories, either 1) forms of writing these stories, 2) methods of writing through/about emotional events, or 3) ways to get past the surface and dig deep to write your own personal story...and why that's hard for us to do sometimes.

  3. Adding emotional elements to historical writing. What is allowable and where to draw the line.
    Merry Christmas and happy planning!

  4. How to find an editor when first draft is completed or maybe after the 2nd.

  5. Touching lives or making money; which matters most?

  6. Thanks for the questions, and we're still open for additional ones. in late January, I plan to start answering them.


  7. How does one go about getting endorsements, celebrity or otherwise?


What are your thoughts?