Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Questions from Readers, Mistakes (Part 7 of 12)

Here are a few more mistakes authors make.

13. Writers don’t constantly study the markets. They tend to listen to what others tell them without trying to verify for themselves.

With permission, I’m reprinting “Top 10 Myths Marketing Executives Believe” from Rob Eagar’s blog, “Monday Morning Marketing Tip.” Most of this applies to authors.

The business world is full of myths, untested theories, fads, and outdated ideas. Below are 10 common marketing misconceptions. If you believe any of these myths, they could hold back the sales growth of your company:

1. Myth: Heavy buyers are more important for sales growth than light buyers.
Truth: The best way to grow sales is to attract more light buyers.

2. Myth: Clever advertising is the best advertising.
Truth: Effective ads always show a brand’s distinctive assets. Cleverness is a bonus.

3. Myth: Social media marketing trumps email marketing.
Truth: Email is 40X better at acquiring customers than all social media combined.

4. Myth: TV advertising is dead and too expensive.
Truth: TV still draws the widest audience and ads only cost around $.02 per person.

5. Myth: Social media is great because it’s free.
Truth: Facebook users must pay money to reach 80% of their own audience.

6. Myth: Cross-selling to current customers is the fastest way to grow revenue.
Truth: Cross-selling is hard because customer loyalty is lower than marketers think.

7. Myth: Giving away free content will cannibalize sales.
Truth: Offering free content is a low-cost effective way to gain new customers.

8. Myth: It costs 5X more to acquire new customers than selling to existing customers.
Truth: Focusing on customer retention over acquisition will destroy a brand’s growth.

9. Myth: Heavy buyers spread more word-of-mouth than light buyers.
Truth: More of word-of-mouth comes from enthusiastic new buyers, not old buyers.

10. Myth: Wildfire Marketing only works with authors.
Truth: Wildfire Marketing currently consults with $100+ million corporations, large non-profits, major publishing houses, and top-tier authors to help grow their revenue.

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