Friday, August 12, 2016

More Questions from Readers (Part 4 of 6)

Introverted and Extroverted Writers
Here’s more help for introverts to learn to market.

2. Align yourself with an extrovert. When you have an opportunity to do a booksigning or a speaking opportunity, get an extrovert to participate with you. With someone beside you who talks readily, you can forget your discomfort.

Choose your extrovert carefully, otherwise you may be overwhelmed and feel you can’t compete. You don’t want to hide. Ask your friend to help you open up so you can learn to be more comfortable. Let the other writer help you speak up.

3. Allow your extroverted friends to help. Why not? That’s not a big step for them. Want to teach at a writers conference? Ask a writer-friend to recommend you. If you can’t make cold calls to set up interviews or book signings, hire a publicist or find a friend who’ll volunteer. Let that never-met-a-stranger type pave the way for you.

When Judson Knight was a college student, he picked up a famous comedian at the airport and drove him to the college. On the half-hour trip, the man made no responses longer than three words. After Judson escorted him to the college auditorium, the comedian walked on the stage, slipped into his role as funny man, and soon everyone was laughing.

Someone else had set up the engagement for the joke teller. The comedian wisely functioned in a role he could handle.

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