Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ten Traits of Successful Authors

(By Rob Eagar)

In my consulting work, I've coached over 400 authors at all levels, including several New York Times bestsellers. People often ask me what separates the successful authors from those who struggle. From my perspective, the following 10 traits make the difference. Review this list and see how many apply to you:

1. Successful authors write marketing copy that effectively answers the reader's ultimate buying question, "What's in it for me?"

2. Successful authors develop their own voice and look for ways to be contrarian. They don't try to make everyone like them.

3. Successful authors build a distinct brand that's memorable and helps them stand out from the crowd.

4. Successful authors err on the side of over-communicating with their readers, because they know it's a sin to under-communicate. Out of sight, out of mind.

5. Successful authors spend the money to create a professional website. Then, they spend their time on a few marketing activities that generate book sales and do them religiously.

6. Successful authors will attempt new marketing tactics. But, if something doesn't work, they shut it down and try something else. Yet, they never completely shut down and do nothing at all.

7. Successful authors never get on a stage or get in front of a microphone and attempt to "wing it." Rather, they practice out loud before giving a media interview or speech.

8. Successful authors build alliances with large organizations by helping to promote other people's material first. Their unselfish behavior opens the door for others to return the favor and provide access to new audiences.

9. Successful authors know that there isn't much money in books. They think beyond the book and create lucrative spin-off products, such as seminars, training, video curriculum, consulting gigs, movie rights, etc.

10. Successful authors never take a break from building their platform. Their energy level may ebb and flow, but they're always adding more people to their email list, speaking in public, pursuing media interviews, asking for referrals, etc.

Which of these 10 traits or behaviors do you need to implement today to be more successful?

(Used by permission and reprinted from Wildfire Marketing.)

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